Monday, March 2, 2009

Its been a while since Ive last posted, however, Ive been in contact with a number of readers with using email, with satifying results.

Hopfully posting will resume sooner than later.

לקורא יקר,

ניתן לקשר אלי דרך האיי מאייל, ושאול על השאגת אריה , ואם הוא קשור להמשפחה שלך



Alex said...

We are descendants of Rabbi Raphael Cohen of Hamburg. We are trying to trace other members of the family tree. We know that Rabbi Raphael learned with the Shagas Aryeh and believe that they may have been related. Is there any information that you could give us about Rabbi Raphael Cohen of Hamburg? It would be greatly appreciated.

Aryeh Leib said...

Thanks for the question. Please email me so i can respond.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in learnign more about your research. We are decendants of the Shagat Arieh and we have some detailed information from a book Toldot Mishpachat Gunzberg (1899 St. Petersburg)and from family stories my mom obtained from her great uncle in Jeruslaem in the 1950s. Our family has also been to Metz and they celebrated the 222 Yartzeit there two years ago.

Aryeh Leib said...

Thanks for the question. I'll be contacting you by email.